Green lentils of Le Puy


Green lentils of Le Puy PDO

Green lentils of Le Puy are a concentration of the Haute-Loire in these small dark bluish-green pearls. They possess exceptional nutritional and culinary qualities and have acquired a place among the  great names of French gastronomy.

With the Fine fat beef of Mézenc , this is the second Protected Designation of Origine product that you can find in Mézenc Loire Meygal. In fact Green lentils of Le Puy  are the only vegetable to be certified PDO.

How are our lentils different from others ?, As the name indicates, by their colour of course ! But this is not the only reason. Green lentils of Le Puy owe their unique delicate slightly sweet taste to their  very fine skin and  non-starchy core.

In summer, the long sunny days in the Velay uplands, the fertile soil, cultivation with no fertilizers or irrigation, provide  ideal conditions for our green lentil production.

It is not surprising to see green lentils of Le Puy on the menus of the greatest chefs. They may be presented  in traditional dishes such as salt pork and lentils, lentil salad or lentil cream soup, or in another more unusual way to offer you a unique gastronomic experience.

The best people to tell us about lentils are the chefs themselves. Listen to Régis Marcon, a three-star chef  “I fell in love with green lentils of Le Puy in the 1990s when I took part in tasting sessions prior to the awarding of the PDO.  I noticed that these lentils took much less time to cook than other varieties, had a surprising almond flavour and a tender non-starchy texture. The special soil on the plateau of Loudes and its micro-climate make these lentils unique, a true local product ! They are not only delicious, but also very nutritious and  very healthy. The  very low glycemic index, between 15 and 18 provides long-term energy ! I am speaking as a cross-country skier …”

It seems a long time ago that lentil were often called « the caviar of the poor” !

Lentil flour is ideal for gluten-free diets and also in cakes, thanks to its delicate slightly sweet taste …