Fine fat beef of Mézenc

High quality meat PDO of Mézenc

Fine fat beef of Mézenc is high quality meat resulting from skilled breeding methods and rich pastures.  This local knowledge has been preciously conserved for nearly 300 years and is closely associated to the rich prairies of the uplands of The Mézenc and Ardèche. The recipe is simple: the best hay makes the best meat.

At Easter here there is a strange tradition. Generally older children hide eggs for the younger ones. In our region, both young and older children sit round the table together to appreciate Easter beef.  And particularly the meat from animals  which have been carefully selected and well-fed. The result ?  Tasty, tender marbled meat.  These qualities have earned the Fine Fat Beef of Mézenc the prestigious certification : Protected Designation of Origine.

We must warn the gourmet people among you that the Fine Fat Beef of Mézenc is a seasonal production. So restaurants, butchers and direct-sale outlets in Auvergne and Ardèche can serve you this high quality meat between February and June.  Take note that before or after these dates, it will be too late (or too early) !

The Fine Fat Beef of Mézenc is also an annual festive event which takes place during the first weekend of June and which celebrates our traditional local product.  On this occasion, different menus are served in restaurants, entertainments are organized and attract over a thousand visitors who are delighted to come and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of the Mézenc  !

But the Fine Fat Meat  of Mézenc is also a small exhibition centre dedicated to the production.  Situated in the middle of the village of Chaudeyrolles,  the centre displays photos, videos, gives guided tours, organizes tasteful walks and has a local product shop. A visit to the centre is sure to change your  vision of your meal !

As far back as 1680, the method of selling Easter beef animals was described in an inventory of a rich farmer. Easter beef was the name given to the Fine fat beef of Mézenc in the past.