Regional products to taste

From the field to the plate !


Before tasting you will realise that flowers here produce sublime succulent meat. That trout and red fruit glisten under the stars and that even melancholic bees can make you happy !

But all this requires some explanation!  In simpler language, we merely want to tell you about these productions which can be described with no exaggeration as “traditional”, “authentic”, the result of “local skills”. For instance, the producers of the meat “Fin gras du Mézenc”  (Fine fat beef of  Mézenc),  with a marbled texture and exceptional tenderness, meat qualified with the label Protected Designation of Origin.  We can also mention the trout of the Lignon and the red fruit of the Domaine des Marmottes which are so popular with the great chefs.  It is difficult to list every single product but there is also Les Larmes des Abeilles (Tears of bees), one of the rare producers of mead in France and of course the Green lentils of Le Puy. We invite you to meet these people who are so justly  proud of their region and their products.

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  • Fine fat beef of Mézenc, the "Fin Gras du Mézenc"

  • Lignon trout

  • Velay Mead

  • Green lentils of Le Puy

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