The Lac bleu


Small lake near the massif of Meygal

The lac bleu (blue lake) is probably THE curiosity not to miss. Simply because this small lake is  beautiful ! Try to imagine it through the eyes of a child and feel his sense of wonder at the sight of this particular colour of the lake due to the  lauzes,  sorts of thick slates, which carpet the bottom of the lake.

Should we dare to compare it with the Caribbean ? The Caribbean in the Auvergne ? What an impossible thing to imagine ! And yet if there was just one small similarity, this could be the small blue lake situated in the commune of Champclause. The blue colour, typical on the other side of the Atlantic but so unusual here. You see this blue on these photos of the lake which of course have  have not been altered !

The explanation of this colour can be found on the roofs of certain houses that you have certainly noticed !  This is our local tile, a volcanic stone with properties of resistance and insulation perfectly adapted to the severe Auvergne winter.  This is the stone, the lauze, which covers the bed of the lake and gives it this special colour when sunlight reflects in it.

So now you know, why not go and see the lake while you are here ? In order to preserve the natural beauty of the place, fishing, bathing and  picnics are not allowed but lying around, relaxing and admiring is not forbidden – a good alternative !

The Carabbean just 1h30 from Lyon ? Are we being serious ? And yet the colour of this small lake would seem more appropriate on the other side of the Atlantic, don’t you agree ?