Nature, mountains and landscapes

Let your curiosity guide you !

Curiosity is not always a bad habit !

On the contrary, during your holiday, treat it as your best ally when going for a walk with family, friends or alone. Go and explore the natural sites so typical of Auvergne, which are  distinguished by several labels of quality and environment.

Admire the volcanoes of  Mézenc, the sucs of Meygal, the Loire gorges, the uplands of Ardèche, the lakes and waterfalls but also  cèpe mushrooms, chanterelles, morels, daffodils, narcissus, willow herbs, marmots, hawks, milans, harrier eagles and still so many more !

Satisfy your curiosity by taking the time to explore these sites,  look for these species, which you can learn about by reading the information  panels along different paths. You will see and understand why the Mézenc Loire Meygal region is so beautiful and so special.  Let yourself be tempted !

  • The massif of Meygal

  • Through the seasons

  • The mount Mézenc

  • The Gerbier de Jonc and the sources of the Loire

  • The Lac bleu (blue lake)

  • The cirque of the Boutières