Intelligent holidays


Holidays are made for learning !

Learning has never been so easy and amusing ! In Mézenc Loire Meygal, holidays and learning go together !

Between the Haute-Loire and the Ardèche, about fifteen places of visit are happy to open their doors to you. They offer you keys to understand the massif of Mézenc and the sources of the Loire. Above all, the Mézenc Loire Meygal is a region to learn about ! You will not find here people with only commercial interests ! This is a region that lives with its history, its culture and its values and  which wants to share them with  others. This is how  Mézenc Loire Meygal has become the ideal place for holidays with the family or friends.

But let’s talk more about learning, which here in our hills is neither tedious or boring . On the contrary, we want  to show you that learning is fun in this region so rich in culture. Au programme (votre séjour : culture)Your programme: video projections,  childrens’ workshops, family entertainment , gastronomy, theatrical visits, conferences, themed walks, exploration games, and discovering  sites not to be missed  in  the Mézenc  Loire and  Meygal.

You will not be a simple spectator, but actively involved in discovering Auvergne and a new experience. This is precisely what we wish. That at the end of your holiday, you will have the pleasant sensation of not having consumed but having experienced Auvergne. These visitor sites do not intend to fill your head with knowledge, but rather to have a mutually rich friendly  exchange with their visitors. This is what a real relationship means. More than just an ordinary visit to our places of interest and museums, you will feel as if you have had a genuine human contact during your holidays.

You will not be a simple spectator, but actively involved in discovering Auvergne and a new experience.