Places of visit and heritage

Culture and history go together !

There are some wonderful stories to tell about Mézenc Loire Meygal. Stories which explain why donkeys used to wear caps. Why our farmers were great inventors and why the best doctor used to be Grandmother; and that people could even learn to fly !

You will be spellbound by the stories of Auvergne in the past, often told with humor by our passionate history-lovers here. Fascinating, enriching, your holidays with family or friends in our region, with so many places of interest to visit, will be anything but boring ! Sometimes steeped in medieval history, such as  the cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy,  the Saint-Michel  d’Aiguilhe rock, the abbey church of Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille …  Elsewhere more “fun” at the Ecole du Vent (Wind school) en Ardèche, the Musée des Croyances populaires, (Folk tale museum) the Musée de l’Ecole (School museum) Peut-on l’ajouter à la liste ? But history also comes to life at the Perrel  Brothers’ farm, the House of Fine Fat beef of Mézenc and in a little more serious but equally interesting way at Archéo-Logis or when you contemplate the starry sky of Auvergne with the knowledgeable astronomers of Orion 43. Oh, ssshhht, I’ve already said too much…

  • The church of Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille

  • The Stevenson trail

  • Cultural visits

  • Villages

  • Typical houses of the Mézenc Plateaus

  • Le Puy en Velay