Mountain biking


The Haute-Loire in the top 5 mountain bike destinations

With no fewer than 9 mountain bike areas with the FCC label, the Haute-Loire is the 4th mountain bike destination in France. In Mézenc Loire Meygal, there are 13 circuits, 380 km of good way-marked trails, 3 washing stations.  Mountain bike friends, you are welcome !

Sometimes we wonder if the region of Mézenc Loire Meygal wasn’t made for mountain bikers ! Riding around these uplands, sucs and valleys is a pleasure to be shared with people of all tastes and all levels. Whether single track technique or wide trails are preferred, everybody will enjoy exploring these wide open spaces. The activity is becoming more democratic with the development of electric mountain bikes. Even if your legs are not well trained, no path will be able to resist you …

The mountain bike base VTT FFC Mézenc Loire Sauvage offers you 380 km of well-maintained way-marked trails. A wide range of difficulties, terrains and landscapes are encountered along the itineraries. Three departure points located at  Monastier-sur-Gazeille, les Estables and  Fay-sur-Lignon lead off over the whole area.

The most eager riders will be enchanted by a round 2 day trail, an appetizer for another mountain bike trip on the GTA VTT (the great crossing of the Ardèche). Over 260 kms for a total of 7450 m height differences from Saint-Félicien to the Rhone Valley, via of course, the  plateau of Mézenc and the Ardèche mountains.

If you don’t have your mountain bike or electric mountain bike, no problem, you can hire your equipment in Les Estables. The MCF (Moniteurs du Cycles Français)school Mézenc Loire Sauvage will advise you on the choice of bikes and itinerary, unless you prefer to be with a guide. Guided excursions are organized all summer in the area.

For the younger ones, who dream of longer rides and stunts, we have everything necessary for a graduate progression. Easy fun itineraries make progress rapid, unless you wish to  hand over your children to the instructors at the  VTT(mountain bike) school for a mini course in bike handling, it’s friendly, progressive and it’s useful !

If the paths seem too difficult for you but your legs are itching to go, you will find as much pleasure riding along our pretty, relatively traffic-free country roads. An electric bike is a wonderful way of discovering our small villages and local heritage.

So if you like pedaling, however strong your legs, you will find what you want on these rolling uplands.

"The itineraries laid out for mountain biking in the Haute-Loire include a complete range of trails adapted to all ages and abilities. Training in the department of the Haute Loire is a real pleasure !"

Jordan Sarou, 3 times world relay champion … and from the Haute-Loire !