The Trail


Trail enthusiasts, you are spoilt !

Trail-running is an activity which reminds us that the best way to explore a region is still by foot ! We invite you to our resort approved by Raidlight and to our 11 circuits and 150km of way-marked trails.

Over the last several years, trail-running has become more and more popular. The reason ? probably because as a sport , it is difficult to find a simpler activity ! No need for expensive equipment, a pair of running shoes is enough ! No need either for an elaborate technique, you just need to put one leg in front of the other ! And if you don’t have the endurance to run at high speed, just walk at your own rhythm and admire the scenery !

Enjoy this environment, the landscapes, the perfumed pure fresh air! Because trail running is mainly all that. Certainly, a running race, but in an otherwise more enchanting environment than on a simple athletics track or in the cold streets of a town centre ; you will see that here, in our modest way, we have some beautiful things of nature to show you:

the mont Mézenc, highest summit in the Ardèche and the Haute-Loire, the sucs (hills) of the massif of Meygal, the cirque of Boutières and its marmots, just as famous as they are wild,  the Mont Gerbier de Jonc or the gorges of the Loire.

Since 2017, the ski resort of Les Estables has also been trail-running resort approved by Raidlight. Running trails, services, and assistance in the organization of training courses or weekends for beginners and  more competitive trail-runners are provided.

Not far from Les Estables, the massif of Meygal also offers a trail-running area including the ascension of the most well-known sucs (volcanic hills) such as the suc de Chapteuil, de la Tortue and le Testavoyre.

The keenest runners can make a note of the dates of two major events. First of all the Mézenc trail starting from the ski resort of Les Estables , organized on August 15. Then there is also the Capito’trail which takes place during the last weekend in October at St Julien Chapteuil. Our international athlete, Julien Rancon, is a regular competitor.

"Trail-running is not complicated. A pair of shoes, a bottle of water and off you go. The Haute-Loire is really the ideal sports ground for this discipline. It is a pleasure to share these particularly beautiful country spots."

Julien RANCON, French trail-runner champion.