Hiking in Mézenc Loire Meygal, an obvious choice

The region of Mézenc Loire Meygal is a natural area for walking. Simply because of its highest summit in the Ardèche and the Haute-Loire, its strange volcanic hills, forests, gorges, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, it is made for walking.

The mountains and uplands of the  massif of  Mézenc and  Meygal, and the  gorges of the upper Loire, offer an exceptionally varied terrain for hiking and different levels of difficulty, amidst beautiful  landscapes. Our mountains are not steep. No peaks or abrupt rocky hillsides, but gentle round summits. Deep gorges plunge down to the sparkling river beds  on this eastern border of the Massif central.

Yes, of course, exploring this area on foot is one of the best ways to become immerged and be adventurous, alone, with friends or family, independently or with a guide, a donkey, or a husky sled dog. There is no lack of different options, so put on your shoes, tie up your laces and off we go !

Nothing is easier than to roam around this land of sucs, our volcanic mountains, along balcony-like paths, through strikingly colourful woodlands or richly scented green meadows. There are about fifty way-marked short walking paths, suitable for half-day or whole-day walks.

But if you wish to go on a long-distance trail, you can choose the Stevenson path, which will take you on a wonderful journey through the Cévennes, unless you prefer the dividing water line between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean by the GR 7 or the tour of Velay and its volcanoes.

There is also the tour of “Mézenc-Gerbier” where you can explore all the hidden spots in this land of water springs, or you can follow the path of the Loire between Le Puy-en-Velay and the Mont Gerbier de Jonc accompanied by a guide when on a ‘Retrouvance ©’ holiday. You have realized, a week is not long enough to do everything !

Hiking yes, but gentle walking as well ! We have already said  there is something for all levels of fitness and all ages. So let yourselves be tempted by the Lauzeron path at Chaudeyrolles, the pontoon bridges at l’étang des Barthes (pools) or Chapteuil castle on its rocky peak at St Julien Chapteuil.   Panels and benches allow you time for strolling, stopping,  imagining history …

For those who are the most curious, you can go on a visit with the guides of « Guide nature randonnée » and observe marmots, (10 good reasons) birds of prey, plants or learn about star constellations  during a visit by night. You will be enchanted. The guides will also offer you more physical excursions off the beaten tracks, nordic walking, orienteering races, as many options as you want, you choose the intensity of your activity.



Young or old, choose your path to travel, there is bound to be a lane to suit your feet !