Snowshoes walks


Walking, in summer as in winter with snowshoes !

Mézenc Loire Meygal, has as much consideration for walkers as for « sliders » ! There are  many way-marked trails and guided snowshoe walks are organized from December to March  to explore our unique landscapes.



In Mézenc Loire Meygal, there are 3 areas where you can walk in snowshoes in total independence and in total safety.  Come and try the 40km of way-marked, safe tracks in the wide open spaces of Chaudeyrac, the Nordic ski area of Meygal and the ski resort of Les Estables. Even in winter, devoted walkers will find great enjoyment with snowshoes in sublime landscapes enhanced by the beauty of winter.

If you dream of enjoying an even more vivid experience of nature, while still remaining in total safety, try a guided snowshoe walk. Go away from the beaten tracks in your snowshoes and contemplate the panoramic views over the chain of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc, learn how to slide down snow drifts, follow the traces of the symbolic animals of the Mézenc, experience the unique atmosphere of a walk under a starry sky …


Or just simply gather together in the family to build an igloo and then go inside your new habitation for a tea-time break !

If you don’t have your own equipment, it is easy to hire all you need at the chalet du Meygal at Queyrières (at Raffy) and at the ski resort of Les Estables, you will find all snowsports material at Michel Sport (lien renvoyant vers la fiche Apidae) and  Phonolite.