Dog sleds


Dog sledding, the Great North in Mézenc Meygal

During the winter holidays, a little part of Lapland seems to come to Mézenc. Whether on your own, or with a partner, family or friends, you will adore the excitement of the great north when dog sledding !





At the ski resort of Les Estables situated at the foot of the mont Mézenc or along the woodland paths of the wide open spaces of Chaudeyrac (l’espace liberté de Chaudeyrac )(renvoi vers article du même nom), no fewer than five dog sled hirers offer you the exhilarating experience of the great north ! After listening to their instructions, you will sit at the back of the sled, alone with your dogs and drive your team like a perfect musher. Young children, comfortably installed in the front, will be thrilled to taste the joys of husky dog sled trekking  in an enchanting winter environment.

But who makes your adventure unforgettable ? it is your also your husky companion ! It is impossible to remain indifferent to the exuberant friendly nature of the Greenland Dog, Samoyed and other Malamut huskies. They jump around, bark and roll over in the fresh snow, pull on the tug line, don’t always listen to your orders but how loveable they are !

Some of the dog sled hirers may also offer you an educational visit to learn more about their dogs and to appreciate their qualities. This exchange and contact with the dogs will no doubt captivate young and old.

Not enough snow ? Exchange your sled for a buggy, a kart or a scooter and experience the same close relationship with the dogs, the same sensations.  Are you looking for something more physical?  Dog-trekking, where you are harnessed to a husky, is just for you !


The magic and the originality of dog-sledding, make this one of the favourite wintertime holiday activities. We strongly advise you to book your excursion as soon as possible before your stay.