Alpine skiing & snowboard


The ski resort at Les Estables, a deliberate choice

Why not choose to go skiing in Auvergne ? Beginners will find a ski area adapted to their needs, parents will appreciate an inexpensive budget and the non-skier will find plenty of other activites. The ski resort of Les Estables  has thought of everything !



For your winter holidays, choosing to come and ski in Auvergne rather than in the Alps is a decision to make. If you are a beginner, it is a sensible choice. The ski resort of Les Estables only has nine ski tracks and five ski lifts. These are probably insufficient for a proficient skier but for a beginner who wants to discover alpine skiing or snowboard at his own pace and not feel afraid, it is just perfect. Inexperienced skiers will find an easily accessible secure ski area, equipped with snow cannons in case of insufficient snow. No need to go to the largest ski resort in the world to enjoy a wonderful skiing holiday !

After common sense reasons, what about cost ? The holiday budget is often the most important question or dilemma  when planning a skiing holiday. Accommodation rental, (flat or  holiday gite) and hire of ski equipment, the cost of ski passes and lessons, transport and food costs have to be taken into account. In short, usually an expensive bill to cover ! And yet, choosing to come skiing in Les Estables also means saving money. For a family of 2 adults and two children, the average  cost for one week is 1200 €.

This certainly represents a considerable sum but is three times less expensive than in the Alps. The ski resort of Les Estables is the best solution for reasonable priced skiing !

And also, the ski resort of Les Estables could be the choice of somebody who doesn’t ski ! It is not often that every member of a family likes skiing and wants to ski during the holidays. Often, the only alternative is to sit at a café terrace.  A whole week sitting at a café terrace can seem long !  In Les Estables, while your children or your partner are speeding down the slopes, you will be able to concoct your OWN  programme. Snowshoes, dog sleds, culture and museums, tasting local products, well-being … The ski resort of Les Estables is not only skiing !

Learning to ski without spending a fortune and never feeling afraid, the ski resort of Les Estables is an excellent choice …